Order From Chaos 

The series Order From Chaos shows the study of the Blockchain technology by the Federal Reserve. 


It presents the antagonism between the Blockchain technology, a decentralized system which aims to shift the balance of power away from centralized authorities in the field of communications, business, and even politics or law, and the Federal Reserve, symbol of all economical centralization. 


The present works associate golden plated flatwares tightened by ribbons with extracts of the December 2016 Federal Reserve report on Digital Ledger Technology (DLT), hanged with golden pins. 


This series of works wants to acknowledge the start of a new era of economical Baroqueness. The flatwares are a symbol of lavishness and financial deregulation. The printed Arche papers present the imperturbable power of centralized systems. The ribbons, often viewed as a mark of appreciation, characterize the need to recognize  the Blockchain Technology. Finally the DLT report manifests the implementation of a new technology leading us to a new era.