The Finale - 2016 presents a symbol of the financial devotion towards the credit rating agencies. 


It features a white rabbit, the master, and a boy accomplishing a ritual with letters made of ribbons. The letters represent the credit notation system. The rabbit is filmed on an abandoned stage as a magnificent king disconnected from his environment. Following each ritual, images of surgical tools appear to symbolize the meticulousness of law and regulations in the credit rating agencies operation. 


Seven sentences appear in succession and demonstrate the absence of causality between humanity, reason and regulation:


Humanity hates regulations

Regulations love humanity

Reason loves regulations

Humanity hates reason

Regulations love reason

Reason hates humanity

Humanity loves regulations without reason


The Finale is reminiscent of Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot’. It explores the fact that we are waiting for regulatory entities to give a meaningful virtue to the financial system. As we hope for something to establish a coherence between humanity and commerce, The Finale depicts a fanciful landscape of regulation for the outer world. The elements of letters and servitude symbolize an absurd established ritual to satisfy the desire of safety and promise. 




Regulation 1.10 refers to a proposal to limit the leverage in Forex to 1:10. The white bunny is the Speculator Guardian. The video is slow and the atmosphere heavy to emphasize the ferocious ambiguity between wealthiness and normal behavior regarding financial matters.


Juicy Bunny Land represents a metaphoric vision of financial regulation. The logo of the Federal Reserve has been introduced to the Chanel decorum and the little bunnies (the financial traders) are partying on regulatory texts.


In the video “My Big Pink Fck... Bunny”, the bunny incarnates the image of regulatory power which has become fat, lazy and unconscious of the reality. At this point, the financial system is on the verge of collapse, investment returns were extravagant without any relation with microeconomics fundamentals. The Regulations had the power of Deregulations.

The bunny’s domination is overthrown by the child who takes power and kills him. In a natural state of living, the resilient child returns to his occupation without caring much of the consequences of his act.


The second video “My BPFB is mad at me” features the system’s reversal. With fearlessness and power, the bunny returns and kills back the child in a no man’s land where only luxury vestige - a Prada shop - remains. At the end, the bunny celebrates his victory with his mates.


The video Il est dangereux de se pencher au dehors - 2004 shows the different stages of life which is considered like a forgotten memory. 


Mind the Gap - 2006 - is a remembrance extracted from the behavior through the running of a child to escape a deadly threat. 


Between Borders - 2007 presents the duality between desires and reality. The thematic is presented by a succession of recurring places referring to a journey of borders crossing. At the end, unreasonabliness triumphes and borders are crossed for better or worse. The memory tries to be forgotten.