The following project presents a reflexion about Finance and Society. I develop my  idea through a series of a 9-print installation, a painting and 2 videos.


To present this thematics, I propose a study of human organization through the global financial system:


A History of Finance:  A presentation of 9-prints selected from the Federal Reserve Archives


The Entity 2050 (painting) features a White Rabbit who incarnates a centralization of all financial systems


Regulation1:10 (video) screens The White Rabbit process of servitude


The Finale (video) films The White Rabbit domination to acknowledge the loss of human awareness


What are the alternatives of the current financial systems? Do we finance our societies through algorithms based on needs and demand without human interaction, and therefore without greed and speculation? Or do we allow our societies to interact and let the human factor prevail?


We aim at establishing a fully controlled digital system to avoid corruption and tax evasion to promote a fair society. Unfortunately, societies are always regulated and led by a small group who outlaws regulatory financial systems and fulfills the desire of exception for the elite. A perfect computerized equitable system might be established for the majority but power and wealth need to distinguish themselves from the crowd by founding highly complex systems. In the era of recurring financial crises, a deeply intricate system is prone to blind people and annihilate their natural instinct. For a more equal society, should all information be digitalized and recorded? If so, who will be the guardian of the ledger? Computers, through their own quality of being indifferent to the appeal of power and gain, could create, list, and support an exchange platform. This exchange of information would lead us to a fairer but dehumanized form of cultural groups, who will recognize and critique the actual financial system by questioning it. 


Through my work I would like to acknowledge the intricacy of our current systems and the loss of our natural instinct. I wish to initiate a dialogue about how we are shaping our future and our subsistence amongst extremely complex societal structures.