Order From Chaos 

The series Order From Chaos is defined by a report on the study of Blockchain Technology and digital currency by the Federal Reserve.


My project presents sequels of antagonisms in various art works to remind us the ambiguity of complex societies and their extreme structural fragility. 

The first series of works features the conflict between Blockchain technology, a decentralized system which aims to shift the balance of power away from centralized authorities in the fields of communications, business, and even politics or law, and the Federal Reserve, symbol of all economic centralization. 

This statement is supported by the reasoning ad absurdum between the “I”, the “Order“ and the “Chaos”. This reasoning is staged into different medias and shows how our self consciousness vanishes towards the order of organized societies.

Finally, I like to stage this fragility through an installation showing the physical weakness of all systems often destabilized by extreme intricacy and the oversight of past events. 

This project raises the question of permanent structural instability induced by the increased complexity of societies.




Process of creation: 

First Stage

I start with the representation of a motherboard that I paint perfectly to reproduce the process of manufacturing. 

Second Stage

When the background is achieved, I draw lines of centralized and decentralized networks mixed with organic shapes. I add collages representing the networks of European borders and texts extracted from the DLT (Digital Ledger Technology). I use ink and glitter glue that I intentionally let drop along the collages. I also add some spray paint to give a dynamic to this complex organization.

Third Stage

I finally  paint a representation of one of the 12 federal reserve bank buildings. I use a light transparent paint which cover 85/90% of my painting. This stage marks the confrontation between centralized and decentralized systems and the extreme complexity which nourish our societies.


Acrylic, ink, spray paint, marker, glitter glue and collages on canvas



Order and Chaos - The organic stage

This series of works on paper presents a reasoning ad absurdum between the “I”, the “Order “and the “Chaos”. This reasoning shows how our self consciousness vanishes toward the order of the human developed nature.

The photos were taken in Houston along the Bayou. They represent the order and chaos from our  surrounding. My method is to observe, organize and analyze the natural Order and Chaos forged by human.

The DLT - The structural stage

The gold-plated flatware are tightened by ribbons with extracts from the December 2016 Federal Reserve report on Digital Ledger Technology (DLT), secured by golden pins. The flatware is a symbol of lavishness and financial deregulation, while the printed Arche paper presents the imperturbable power of centralized systems. Those art works are highly disconnected from the natural stage of Order and Chaos - They mirroring the other series of works on paper and challenge their existence by establishing an almost computerized order.



I created a video to give another dimension of my topic. The current video opposes the structural Order and Chaos with the naturalistic one. The shots of the water in slow motion are associated with images extracted from a Christian Dior fashion show in a delightful garden. The viewers faces are hidden by drawings of distributed networks. The reasoning ad-absurdum reinforce the sensation of the inevitable compliance with organized system. 

This video gives us a glimpse of the future where computerized networks will define the natural order of existence.




My Golden Foundation

The first 2 installations are on the floor. They present an extravagant visual of building foundations. 

The rods are covered with glitter and the coffering wood is expensive. Under the rods, the FCIC report and the Dodd-Frank act are staged over glittery paper tiles. 

Those documents arisen from the financial crisis and real estate burst, represent the weakness of the society pillars. The equivoke reference to building foundations is mixed with the extreme fragility of the installation which is not tied up by screws or nails. The glittered rods symbolize the attractively for real estate and how deep human need to build and develop their environment. 

Perfect tool for mixing the past - Golden Cement Mixer


The third installation is a cement mixer painted in gold loaded with shredded paper printed with the FCIC report and Dodd Frank act mixed with glitter paper. It symbolizes the disappearance of the past experiences and knowledges.