The Order of The Flow

The series ‘Order of the Flow’ presents the financial and regulatory flows through the symbolic of the water streams within a city.


I depict how the course of water can be managed through the use of market-based tools and policies. 

I describe a complex system of environmental hedging mechanisms that permute and reshape continuously. I establish a parallel between the constancy of the Houston landscape along its Bayous and the uninterrupted course of the water to symbolize algorithms and their data streams. 

The body of work includes series of prints, paintings, installations and a video. From the architecture of the financial regulations to the curve of the Houston Bayous, I create unconventional settings to describe the extreme complexity of our structural environment and its governance.




The installations present regulatory paperworks extracted from 3 economic matters: the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, the Dodd Frank Act and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) trading permit handbook under the Clean Water Act. Those carefully selected papers demonstrate the power of regulations and the ultimate financialization of all sectors of our societies. The structural system becomes a complex and inextricable playground for a market driven state of mind.


Two installations stage photos of a Bayou mimicking polaroid shots. They are illustrated with texts from the EPA’s Water Quality Trading tool kit. These prints are displayed under golden rods surrounded by prints of watershed data. Golden plated silverwares, Spanish moss and custom-made bottles filled with a glittery black liquid are displayed with the prints as attributes of this indigestible feast.


“The Order of the Flow” symbolizes the intricate links between environmental policies and financial tools. It also emphasizes the fine line between the regulated entities and the regulators.


The two other installations “My Golden Foundation” present an extravagant visual of building foundations. The rods are covered with glitter and the coffer is made of an expensive wood. Under the rods, the FCIC report and the Dodd-Frank act are staged over glittery paper tiles.

Those documents arisen from the financial crisis and real estate burst, represent the weakness of the pillars of the society. The equivoke reference to building foundations is mixed with the extreme fragility of the installation which is not tied up by screws or nails. The glittered rods symbolize the attractively for real estate and how deep human need to build and develop their environment. 


Works on Paper 


The installations are surrounded by sets of prints staging the temporality of the Bayou’s landscape. The passage of time and the condition of structural environment are illustrated by the contrast between the black and white prints and the distorted photos of the Bayou.