The Order of the Simulation



Exhibition at Heidi Vaughan Fine Art gallery in Houston - February/April  2021



The series explores the concept of heterotopias as developed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault. Heterotopias describe spaces that are “other,” which is to say parallel spaces within the society are contradictory, transforming, incompatible, or illusionary. They are worlds that mirror the real world while at the same time upset them. Duval inserts the concept of heterotopias into representations of digital spaces through her works of art. 


The Order of the Simulation demonstrates how people have a real self and a reflective self that exists through a dematerialized digital world. In abstract and brightly colored layers, Duval envisions the future value of human consciousness through the expansion of digitized spaces and territories. Using a metaphoric vision, she extracts a sense of the structural balance within these societies. The goal is to lead people to a new observation of their surroundings by triggering a questioning reflection. In this way, she hopes to develop intellectual and visual connections with people through art.




Presentation and Q&A with Steven Matjicio, Jane Dale Owen Director & Chief Curator, Blaffer Art Museum, and Violette Bule, mixed media artist, and photographer.



Discussion with Jean-Loup Chrétien