Houston is a city with fascinating features and the Bayous are one of them. Water management in the city induces structural risks which have recently been confirmed by Tropical Storm Harvey.


In my observation of future events, I always use the regulatory vector and the symbolic of conceptual art. 


“Go With the Flow” depicts how the stream of water  is managed through the utilization of market-based tools and environmental policies. I like to depict a complex system of environmental hedging which permutes constantly and I establish a parallel with the constancy of the landscape.


The installation is staged on a table presenting an improbable dinner.

Photos of a Bayou are illustrated with texts from the EPA’s Water Quality Trading tool kit. These prints are displayed under golden rods surrounded by Spanish Moss. Silverwares and custom-made bottles filled with a glittery black liquid are displayed with the prints as attributes of this indigestible dinner.


“Go with the Flow” symbolizes the intricate links between environmental policies and financial tools. It also emphasizes the fine line between the regulated entities and the regulators.

The disposition of the chairs is a symbolic of regulatory power and how it can be shifted.


The installation is surrounded by a set of 16 prints staging the temporality of the Bayou’s landscape. The passage of time and the condition of structural environment are illustrated by the contrast between the black and white prints and the distorted photos of the Bayou.



ORDER FROM CHAOS - April 21 - May 27, 2017 - Cindy Lisica Gallery - 4411 Montrose, Houston, TX


The series Order From Chaos is defined by a report on the study of Blockchain Technology and digital currency by the Federal Reserve.

 My project presents sequels of antagonisms in various art works to remind us the ambiguity of complex societies and their extreme structural fragility. 

The first series of works features the conflict between Blockchain technology, a decentralized system which aims to shift the balance of power away from centralized authorities in the fields of communications, business, and even politics or law, and the Federal Reserve, symbol of all economic centralization. 

This statement is supported by the reasoning ad absurdum between the “I”, the “Order“ and the “Chaos”. This reasoning is staged into different medias and shows how our self consciousness vanishes towards the order of organized societies.

Finally, I like to stage this fragility through an installation showing the physical weakness of all systems often destabilized by extreme intricacy and the oversight of past events. 

This project raises the question of permanent structural instability induced by the increased complexity of societies.



ART ON PAPER 2017 - Mach 2-5, 2017 - NYC


Mixed media - 20x20 inches - 2017
The Lavish Appetite for DLT - Mixed media - 20x20 inches - 2017


AUSTIN CITY ART FAIR - March 30 - April 2, 2017



FRANCE PAVILION - March 2-5, 2017

Featured artists: Duncan Wylie, Marlot & Chopard, Alicia Paz, Sylvie Deluseau and Romain Froquet.


France Pavilion 2017
Ecstatic Deregulation - 2017


MANKIND SALVATION - Historical Landmark - Holocaust Museum Houston - Oct/Dec 2016 - Houston, TX


Mankind Salvation - Part I - Historical Landmark - 2016
Mankind Salvation - Installation view - 2016




Video Still
Video Still


A HISTORY OF FINANCE - Prints, glitter and ribbons - My Sweet Regulations part II - 2016



FOTOFEST BIENNIAL - 2016 - Curated by Yvonamor Palix and Jane Seam


What's Left? My Fancy Neighborhood
What's Left? My Fancy Neighborhood - The Castle