Computational Dust of Existence 


Patrick Mikhail Gallery

4815 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal


Solo Show - February 5 to March 19, 2022 

Opening Reception - February 5, 2022


This new body of works explores the duality between the biological and the digital state. The forest landscapes are merging with a computerized scenery that deploys a digital grid in an alternate world where the simulation intermixes with reality. Each painting symbolizes a digital metamorphosis to sequence the existence of singular entities with a computerized perspective. The assemblage of paint, drawings, and collages creates a multidimensional representation of an intricate future made of digital networks where fiction and reality become indissociable.





Computational Dust of Existence


Available on BLURB and AMAZON 






The Order of the Simulation


Heidi Vaughan Fine Art



Solo show - February/April 2021


The series explores the concept of heterotopias as developed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault. Heterotopias describe spaces that are “other,” which is to say parallel spaces within the society are contradictory, transforming, incompatible, or illusionary. They are worlds that mirror the real world while at the same time upset them. Duval inserts the concept of heterotopias into representations of digital spaces through her works of art.




Patrick Mikhail



Group Show March/April 2021

Images credit: Maxime Brouillet





The digital entities of my artworks are on the platform OpenSea.


Link: https://opensea.io/accounts/emilieduval409


Each NFT is one-of-a-kind artwork and is the digital entity of one of my paintings