Computational Dust of Existence


February 5 - March 14, 2022

Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal


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This new body of works explores the duality between the biological and the digital state. The forest landscapes are merging with a computerized scenery that deploys a digital grid in an alternate world where the simulation intermixes with reality. Each painting symbolizes a digital metamorphosis to sequence the existence of singular entities with a computerized perspective. The assemblage, of paint, drawings, and collages, creates a multidimensional representation of an intricate future made of digital networks where fiction and reality become indissociable.

The Satellite of our Consciousness | 84x76 inches | Mixed media | 2021


The painting depicts the fragmentation of time and space forged by synthetic consciousness. 

The inability for human entities to envision the infinite fractions of time and space weakens the consciousness of human governance and its survival. 

The machine develops a synthetic consciousness through constant interaction with the livings and can envision any experiences in the infinite scale of relativity.

Roman Law | 84x78 inches | Mixed media | 2021


Disconnected from time and space, "Roman Law" is embedded in future automatized organizations. Its structural temporality merges with the algorithmic compounds of all entities to reduce the spectrum of liberties for more dictatorial equality.

The Revolt and The Shadow | 76x72 inches | Mixed media | 2021


The two facing shadows symbolize the rampant dissensions that carry a revolt fed by a restless machine. The existential risk of artificial intelligence as it mimics the patterns of human revolution creates a new rebellion based on our unconscious desire of destruction to govern others. The self-replication rises to make an infinite revolt influenced by a utilitarian expansion of power.

The Giants | 48x60 inches | Mixed media | 2021


The Giants depicts the duality of human beings battling environmental and political sustainability.

In the background, blue mountains, symbols of life and survival, appear behind two giant shadows. The darker form on the left incarnates the physical existence facing its digital shade on the right. They are the giants marching towards their transformation into a new state of civilization. The mountains are converging into geometrical shapes to symbolize the relentless disappearance of the natural state, as every living object must have a utilitarian value in a world that progressively becomes the shadow of itself.

Digital Habitat | 72x50 inches | Mixed media | 2021


Dense forests are merging with geometrical shapes and collages of brutalist buildings. On the top left, the treetops become some scan-codes to symbolize the digitalization of our world. The living habitats that allow physical existence progressively disappear into the intricacy of an oversaturated dematerialized world. The metamorphosis of our natural environment into digital habitats postulates on a future deprived of the right of nature as described in Hobbes’s Leviathan. The productive forces merge to fulfill the permanent state of profitability.

When the forests will be fully integrated  | 72x50 inches | Mixed media | 2021


This painting is the second stage of natural disappearance. The background depicts a forest overlooking a cliff that expands into a digital grid. It symbolizes a new dematerialized order that regulates and organizes the natural state of self chaos. A utilitarian order is imposed to maximize productivity.

The forest disappears and becomes a simulation to fulfill the need for artificial free will to maintain a profitable permanent engagement.

Sovereignty  | 48x60 inches | Mixed media | 2021


The merging of Bauhaus elements with mountains landscaping symbolizes the transition from the natural state to the optimized social being. This metamorphosis arises when the sovereign voice of utilitarian survival is so loud that no state can oppose it. The large black shadow represents this inevitable transformation.