Collection - Computational Dust of Existence


My NFTs are available on the website.


Computational Dust of Existence is a new body of nine NFT's artworks. Each NFT is the digital entity of a painting currently exhibited at the Gallery Patrick Mikhail in Montreal.




The Roads to Our Consciousness 


This NFT depicts the fragmentation of time and space forged by synthetic consciousness. 






Domanica Potestas


This NFT symbolizes the dualism of persona and res in roman law for the future of AI.


The Revolt and The Shadow


This artwork symbolizes the rampant dissensions that carry a revolt fed by a restless machine.




The Merging Giants


This artwork depicts the duality of human beings battling environmental and political sustainability.




The metamorphosis of our natural environment into digital habitats postulates on a future deprived of the right of nature as described in Hobbes’s Leviathan.


Full Integration


This artwork symbolizes the forest's disappearance. The natural environment becomes a simulation to fulfill the need for artificial free will to maintain a profitable permanent engagement.


Silent Existence


This artwork depicts how we are silently merging with our digital self.


Sovereign Voice


This NTF artwork represents the annihilation of society when one voice has sovereignty.


New World


This NTF artwork depicts the complete immersion of our physical entity into the digital grid.