The series Order From Chaos is defined by a report on the study of Blockchain Technology and digital currency by the Federal Reserve.


My project presents sequels of antagonisms in various art works to remind us the ambiguity of complex societies and their extreme structural fragility. 

The first series of works features the conflict between Blockchain technology, a decentralized system which aims to shift the balance of power away from centralized authorities in the fields of communications, business, and even politics or law, and the Federal Reserve, symbol of all economic centralization. 

This statement is supported by the reasoning ad absurdum between the “I”, the “Order“ and the “Chaos”. This reasoning is staged into different medias and shows how our self consciousness vanishes towards the order of organized societies.

Finally, I like to stage this fragility through an installation showing the physical weakness of all systems often destabilized by extreme intricacy and the oversight of past events. 

This project raises the question of permanent structural instability induced by the increased complexity of societies.