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Patrick Mikhail Gallery - Montreal


Hollis Taggart - Chelsea NYC / 212.628.4000




My work is defined by research and observation to acknowledge the functionality of our societies. Fueled by my studies in Law at the University of Paris Assas and Art at the Ecole du Louvre, I focus my interest on a wide range of geopolitical, economic, and financial matters and their existence through algorithms. I translate them into a metaphoric vision to extract the very sense of our societies' structural balance. My goal is to lead people to a new observation of their environment by triggering a questioning reflection. Furthermore, I want to develop intellectual and visual connections to nourish their need to discover their surroundings' future.
I develop my thematics around paintings, videos, and installations to give various perceptions of my subject matters. First, I examine my topics through a structural mind's eye to show how the ludicrous algorithmic complexity affects societies. Next, the paintings are made of layers of acrylic paint, drawings, and collages extracted from research to establish my thematics' architecture. I then create installations to give a physical dimension of the algorithmic systems and to highlight their magnitude.
Through the visual sensory of my paintings and installations, I want to work up our societal environment's intricacy by focusing on its workings and triggering the emotions for its better understanding.
Society is an intricate monster. You need to tame it if you want to survive it.
In my new series, I introduce how algorithms redesign our environment with the aim of societal optimization and economic productivity. I create futuristic architectures of cities, borders, and private spaces modeled by algorithms to envision our structural future's multiple layers.
The paintings present the thematics of housing, immigration, transportation, and consciousness to create a visual connection and a questioning reflection.




2022 Patrick Mikhail - Computational Dust of Existence - Solo Show - Montreal

2021 HVFA - March - The Order of the Simulation - Solo Show - Houston

2021 Patrick Mikhail - ABSTRAKSHN - Group show - Montreal

2020 Patrick Mikhail - Structures of Power - Group show - Montreal

2019 Rice University - Lecture - Heterotopias and creative process in visual art: Economics, Societal Issues

and Algorithmic Future - Houston

2019 The FWCAC - Now You Know - Fort Worth

2019 HVFA- The Praxis of Blockchain Solo show - Houston

2019 Vignette Art Fair - Dallas

2019 Lecture - Awty International School - Houston

2018 Art Vinyl - McNay Museum - San Antonio

2018 Inner Space - Video screening "Order From Chaos" - Dallas

2018 Observing the Invisible with Jan Rattia - Houston

2018 Women Cinemakers Biennial - Berlin

2017 Aqua during Art Basel Miami - Cindy Lisica Gallery - Miami

2017 The Order of the Flow - Solo show - Texas Arts and Music Festival - Brenham

2017 Big Medium - Texas Biennal - Finalist - Austin

2017 Cindy Lisica Gallery - Order From Chaos Solo show - Houston

2017 Austin Contemporary Art Fair - Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts - Austin

2017 France Pavilion - Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts - Houston

2017 Art on Paper Fair - Cindy Lisica - New York City

2016 Holocaust Museum - Houston

2016 Participating space Fotofest - Houston

2015 Identity - French Consul General Residence - Houston

2014 Sweet Regulations - Part II - Brussels, Belgium

2013 Sweet Regulations - Part I - Brussels, Belgium

2012 House Gallery - Salt Lake City

2012 Darke Gallery - Houston

2011 MKG Gallery - Houston

2011 Hunting Art prize - finalist - Houston

2011 Galleri Urbane - Dallas

2011 Darke Gallery - Houston

2010 White Box - SanctionedArray - New York City

2010 Bemis Art Center - Art Auction - Omaha

2010 Hunting Art prize - finalist - Houston

2010 The artist guide to the L.A. Galaxy - Los Angeles

2010 The Livingroom - Bunnies in Wonderland - Salt Lake City

2009 Slick Art Fair - Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery, Paris

2009 Dallas Contemporary - Dallas

2009 Galleri Urbane, Marfa

2008-2009 BNIM, Houston

2008 HCP, Viewfinder - Arturo Palacios and Risa Puelo - Houston

2008 Bering & James Gallery - Houston

2008 Hot in Town, Blaffer Gallery - Houston

2007 Stars and Spheres, Fleishman-Hillard - Houston

2007 Five x Seven, Art Jones Center - Austin

2007 Texas Biennial, Dougherty Art Center - Austin

2007 Newspace Center for Photography - Portland

2006 Synesthesia, Lester Marks House - Houston

2006 The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center - Houston

2006 New American Talent, Art Jones Center - Austin

2005 Scope Miami, Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery - Miami

2005 Scope London, Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery - London, England

2005 Accrochage sur Demande, Pitch Gallery - Paris, France

2005 Democracies, LAS Gallery - Paris France




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